At Lampe Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd, we know the importance of a comfortable atmosphere for the patrons of your service.

As such, we pay great attention to every detail when customizing lighting to suit the needs of your service, providing a design that is practical, appealing and in-tune with its idea and surroundings.

Architectural Interior and External Lighting

To ensure that an architecture not only fits its surroundings, but also serves its functions and uses, careful thought has to be put into designing the right type of lighting for both its interior and exterior. We consider every need and detail required for the lighting to provide the best practical design that caters to each architecture. DUKE NUS is one of our numerous projects where modern lighting designs were used to match the modernity and sustainability of the environment it is situated at. We also considered the users and uses of the architecture at DUKE NUS by utilizing coolwhite lighting to provide maximum readability for the graduate-entry medical students using this facility.

Landscape Lighting

We survey and craft designs for lightings to suit the landscape at your facility to offer the most reliable and sustainable lighting that creates the ambience you desire for your patrons to experience. Great attention is placed on providing lighting that can withstand weather conditions the landscape is exposed to and the purpose of the lighting.

Even though both the Marina Bay and Punggol Waterway Park are exposed to harsh weather conditions, we use different lightings for both because the lighting along Marina Bay concerns road safety, while the Punggol Waterway Park is generally safe from high-speed motorists. As a result, high-intensity lighting was installed to aid visibility and safety for Marina Bay and low-intensity lighting was installed at the Punggol Waterway Park to create a homely atmosphere.

Façade lighting

Façade lighting serves the purpose of drawing patrons’ attentions from afar. Not neglecting the needs of the environment like the weather and its surroundings, we craft façade lightings that are attractive, creative, and practical. Energy-consumption is also taken into consideration when we design your façade lighting, so that these designs we create do not incur excessive amounts of costs when turned on day-to-day.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering services include the supply, installation, testing and commisioning of ELV, LV and HV electrical systems. Providing a one stop  service to cater to our clients need. We are capable of providing turn key solutions to major projects.

 As integrated provider that specialises in Electrical Engineering and Building & Construction Services.